The death of Qassem Soleimani; a new chapter in the struggle against oppression
Date: 2020/01/04
Official Statement from the Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)
January 4, 2020
Re: The death of Qassem Soleimani; a new chapter in the struggle against oppression
The IRGC Quds Force Commander, “Haj Qassem Soleimani” was killed along with several of his henchmen in a surprise attack by the US Armed Forces at Baghdad International Airport.
As the most powerful member of the malicious Islamic Republic regime in recent decades, Haj Qassem Soleimani was directly responsible for causing insecurity, instability, genocide, and devastation across the Middle East. In particular, he was complicit in the massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, and Iran. His crimes and destructive policies have costed Iran and Iranians tremendously and forced our country to the brink of global insecurity and economic catastrophe. 
The move by the US has turned the dreams of many Islamist regime apologists and subordinates into nightmares. By forecasting absurd scenarios such as an IRGC-orchestrated coup d'état and diplomacy with the US, these individuals hoped to protect and sustain their Islamist regime. The successful US operation further indicates that the destructive interference of the Islamic Republic regime and the terrorist acts perpetrated by the IRGC are no longer tolerated and have reached a dead end. 
Individuals that comprises the body of the IRGC’s and security forces must refer to their conscience, unfasten themselves from the ignominious Islamist regime, and join their compatriots while there is still opportunity. They must support the Iranian people and help bring about the collapse the oppressive, autocratic regime. The Islamist regime cannot survive wide-range internal and external pressures, and standing against them will have a dreadful end for the regime. 
The Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat) hopes that before US military operations move within Iran’s borders, the destructive Islamic Republic regime is abolished by the will of the Iranian people. Through a widespread popular movement, it is our hope that the regime that serves as an obstacle to development and prosperity of Iran, the Iranian people, and the Middle East is removed. And we hope that once again, war and destruction give their place to peace and prosperity in our long-suffering region; and expansionism, hegemony, and sectarianism by criminal regimes cease once and for all. 
Long live Iran!
Long live the courageous people of Iran
The Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)